Transit Insurance Service

Leo Relocation International Packers and Movers is the only name that offers quality packing and moving service with insurance services.When it comes to packing as well as moving of goods, the only name that first strikes in our minds is Leo Relocation International Packers and Movers. Leo Relocation International Packers and Movers is one of the leading packers and movers companies in India offering various packing and moving solutions within India as well as across the globe.

We at Leo Relocation International Packers and Movers offer one of the finest packing and moving services across the country, with insurance services. Since surety of goods is one of the most important aspects in packing and moving industry, we let our clients heave a sigh of relief soon after they have handed over their goods to us for moving anywhere in this world. In present scenario, every client wants to ensure that their goods must be made to reach safely at the destination.

Leo Relocation International Packers and Movers understand the seriousness of the damages while the packing as well as in moving process. In moving and packing industry, we are one of the most responsible service providers that undertake all the issues relevant to insurance so that their client will not have to worry about the paper stuffs.

An insurance service is must while getting services from us. Since by using best packing as well as safe transportation, issues beyond our control such as fire, accidents, riots, sabotage etc can result in damages to your goods. So, therefore apart from transporting and packing we also offer insurance services. We understand the value of each and every single ware of our clients, so we are truly dedicated towards our work. Customer satisfaction and trust is top priority of our company, so we work very hard to never lose our client’s trust.

Shipment Valuation Options
If any product or good gets damaged or missing while in the care of Leo Relocation International Packers and Movers then the amount of liability will get reimbursed. Before signing this valuation option, you must be aware of all the details as well as pros and cons of shipment valuation options of us.

Minimal Shipment Protection
Minimal shipment protection is one of the most economical valuation options in which the client get the negligible risk coverage for the delivery with no additional cost. Before getting this option you must have to know all the parts as well as aspects of insurance services

Full Value Protection
Apart from minimal shipment protection, we at Leo Relocation International Packers and Movers also offer full value protection insurance service for your goods. Full value protection risk coverage includes the overall shipment protection of your valuable goods. Under this agreement, if unfortunately your good are lost, damage or destroyed the company will be fully responsible and offer you reliable solution.

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